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Test item 测试名称:
Child use and care articles - Soother holder - Safety requirements and test methods 
Test info 测试内容: 
Clause Test Requirement
6.1.1 preconditioning
5.1.1 General
5.1.2 Integrity
5.1.3 Visual and tactile inspection
5.1.4 Holes
5.1.5 Decoration 
5.1.6 Length 
5.1.7 Strap width
5.1.8 Cords
5.1.9 Maximum size of press studs, touch-and-close and similar devices
5.1.10 Permanent fasteners
5.1.11 Detachable fasteners
5.1.12 Supplementary components
5.2 Mechanical requirements
5.2.1 Impact resistance
5.2.2 Durability of the garment fastener
5.2.3 Tensile strength
5.3 Chemical requirements
  Migration of certain elements 化学物质迁移
  PHTH(Plastic material)
  Colourants(Plastic material)
  Primary aromatic amines 
  Monomers(Plastic material)
  Wood preservatives (Wooden components)
7 Consumer Packaging
8 Product Information
Sample required: 12 pieces of completed products.
样品要求 :全套样品12.
Turnaround time: Regular (9~12 working days).
所需时间: 标准(9~12个工作天).

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