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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称:  Playground equipment and surfacing 游乐设备和地面设施
Test or certification info 测试和认证相关内容:

BS EN 1176-1 户外游乐设备 General safety requirenent  整体安全要求 (不含化学部分 
4.1 Materials
4.1.1 General
4.1.2 Flammablity (Surface flash --EN 71-2)
4.1.3 Timber and associated product
4.1.4 Metal (corrosion resistance and non-toxic coating)
4.1.5 Synthetics(aging or degradation indication)
4.1.6 Dangerous Substances (Diretive 76/769/EEC)
4.2 Design and Manufacture
4.2.1 General 
4.2.2 Structural Integrity
4.2.3 Accessibility for Adults
4.2.4 Protection Against Falling
4.2.5 Finish of Equipment
4.2.6 Moving Parts
4.2.7 Protection Against Entrapment
4.2.8 Protection against injuries during movement and falling
4.2.9 Means of Access
4.2.10 Connections
4.2.11 Consumable Components
4.2.12 Ropes
4.2.13 Chains
4.2.14 Foundations
4.2.15 Heavy suspended beams
6 Information to be Provided by the manufacturer/supplier
7 Marking
BS EN 1176-2 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for swings 带秋千的
4.1 Gerenal-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 Ground clearance 
4.3 Seat clearance h4 for single point suspension swings (type 3)
4.4 Minimum clearacne and stability of swing seats with more than one point of syspension
4.5 Means of suspension
4.6 Seats and platforms (type 3)-10 impacts
4.7 Dynamic load for swing equipment-100,000cycles
4.8 Structural integrity
4.9 Framework
4.1 Height of fall and Impact area
4.11 Additional requirements for swings with several rotational axes(type 2)
4.12 Additional requirements for single-point swings(type 3)
4.13 Additional requirements for contact swings(type 4)
6 Marking
BS EN 1176-3 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for slides 带滑梯的
4.1 General-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 Access
4.3 Starting Section
4.4 Sliding Section
4.5 Run-out Section
4.6 Slides and Profile of the Slide
4.7 Surface of the Slide
4.8 Impact Area
4.9 Tunnel and Mixed Tunned Slides
6 Marking
BS EN 1176-4 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for cableways 带索道的
4.1 General-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 Framework and Fixing Points for the Main Cable
4.3 Calculation of Forces Acting on the Cable of a Runway
4.4 Stops
4.5 Traveller
4.6 Suspension Element
4.7 Runways Arranged in Parallel
4.8 Grips
4.9 Seats
4.1 Speed
4.11 Free Height of Fall
4.12 Ground Clearance
4.13 Cable height
4.14 Impact Area
6 information to be provided by supplier/manufacturer
7 Marking
BS EN 1176-5 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for carousels 带传送带的 Type A
BS EN 1176-5 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for carousels 带传送带的 Type B
BS EN 1176-5 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for carousels 带传送带的 Type C
BS EN 1176-5 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for carousels 带传送带的 Type D
BS EN 1176-5 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for carousels 带传送带的 Type E
4.1 General-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 Free Height of Fall and impact area
4.3 Free space/falling space
4.4 User Stations
4.5 Axis
4.6 Speed of Rotation
4.7 Frip Handles
4.8 Load Capacity and Stability
5.1 Carousel Type A(rotating chairs)
5.2 Carousel Type B(classic carousel)
5.3 Carousel Type C(spining mushrooms, hanging glides)
5.4 Carousel Type D(track-driven carousels)
5.5 Carousel Type E(giant revolving disks)
7 Marking
BS EN 1176-6 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirement for rocking equipment 带摇摆设备的 
4.1 General-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 Free height of fall
4.3 Seat/Stand slope
4.4 Pinch, crush
4.5 Restraint of motion
4.6 Foot rests
4.7 Hand supports
4.8 Side view profiles
4.9 Entrapment
4.1 Falling space
5.1 Axial seesaw
5.2 Multi-point seesaw/rocking equipment
5.3 Rocking seesaw
5.4 Overhead single axis seesaw
7 Marking
BS EN 1176-7 户外游乐设备 Guidance on installation, inspection, maintenance and operation 产品安装,检验,维护要求
BS EN 1176-10 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirements fully enclosed play equipment 全封闭的设备
4.1 General-BS EN 1176-1
4.2 emergency procedures and fire safety management
4.2.1 materials including flammability(EN 1021 or ISO EN 11925-2)
4.4.2 Evacuation
4.3 Design and manufacture
4.4 Specific equipment
5 inspection and maintenance information to be provided by manufacturer or supplier
7 marking
BS EN 1176-11 户外游乐设备 Additional specific safety requirements for spatial network 3维产品
4.1 protection against falling in spatial network
4.2 meshes size in 3-dimensional arranged planar nets
4.3 protection against injuries in the falling space
4.4 converging part
6 marking
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