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BS EN 1077
Helmets for Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders
Clause Test Requirement
4.1 Material
4.2 Construction
4.3 Extent of coverage
4.4 Field of vision
4.5 Shock absorbing capacity
4.6 Resistance to penetration 
4.7 Retention system performance 
4.7.1 Strength
4.7.2 Effectiveness
6 Marking
7 Information for wearers
Recommended tests for Material:
1 The chromium VI content of leather in clothing and gloves(EN420)
2 Nickel Release (EN 1811) (for metal)
3 AZO DYE (67/548/EEC) (for textile and leather)
4 PH Value (for textile and leather)
5 Colorfastness to perspiration (ISO-105-E04) (for textile and leather)
Sample required:  
5 pcs of completed products per headform size per type with instruction (if applicable) is recommended.
样品要求 :每款每种头型尺寸的头盔各5,包括说明书(如适用).  
Turnaround time: normal (12 working days).
所需时间 :标准12个工作天.
Remark: The conditioning test costs 100 hours 4 days) totally.
备注: 用于样品预处理的时间总共为100小时(4天)


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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