Test item 测试名称: 
Specification for Resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases
Test info 测试内容:
Domestic Use (Low Hazard) Ignition Source
BS EN 597-1
BS EN 597-2
Medium Hazard BS EN 597-1
BS EN 597-2
IS 5 of BS 6807
High Hazard BS EN 597-1
ES EN 597-2
IS 7 of BS 6807
Very High Hazard BS EN 597-1
BS EN 597-2
IS 7 of BS 6807
Additional tests specified by the user with greater than high hazard requirements
Typical Sample 典型例子
  Offices 办公室
  Schools 学校
Low Hazard Universities
  Museums 博物
  Exhibitions 展览场
  Day centres
  Hotel bedrooms 酒店房
  Public buildings 公用楼
  Services' messes 机构俱乐部
Medium Hazard Places of public entertainment 乐场
  Public halls 公用
  Public houses and bars 公用宇及酒吧
  Casinos 赌场
  Hospitals 医院
High Hazard Sleeping accommodation in certain hospital wards and In certain hostels  某些院病房及某些旅馆供人睡的地方
  Offshore installations 近岸
Very High Hazard Prison cells   监狱囚室
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 Regular service 10 working days
Others 其他信息:
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