Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: 灭火用无渗漏排水扁形软管与软管组件规范 
Specifcation for non‑percolating layfat delivery hoses and hose assemblies for fre fghting purposes

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Test or certification info 测试和认证相关内容:

BS 6391 specifies requirements for non-percolating layflat delivery hoses for fire fighting purposes. It is specifically applies to those which are intended for use at working pressures not exceeding 15 bar, and at a minimum ambient temperature of −20 °C.

BS 6391规定了用于消防目的的非渗透铺设输送软管的要求。它特别适用于在工作压力不超过15巴和最低环境温度−20°C下使用的那些。

The hoses covered are suitable for use with fire hose couplings conforming to BS 336. Additional requirements are specified for hose assemblies, which are hoses supplied with couplings conforming to BS 336 already fitted.

覆盖的软管适用于符合BS 336的消防软管接头。规定了软管总成的附加要求,软管总成是配有符合BS 336要求的接头的软管。

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Lead time 周期:  常规服务 regular service 120 工作日 working days ( URGENT service, to be confirm, 加急服务待定 )
Sample size 送样规格:  

one (1) x 30 metre length uncoupled hose; one (1) x 1 metre length coupled hose with tag added; and twenty (20) x 1 metre uncoupled lengths.
20 x 1米的非耦合长度。
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