Test item 测试名称:
Specification for Performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions
Test info 测试内容:  
Test Clause Requirement
Conditioning None
Categories of cable letter symbol
Resistance to fire alone
A 650 °C for 3 h
B 750 °C for 3 h
C 950 °C for 3 h
S 950 °C for 20 min
Resistance to fire with water
W 650 °C for 15 min+15 min
Resistance to fire with mechanical shock
X 650 °C
Y 750 °C
Z 950 °C
Sample Required: 6 m for each Category Cable
Turnaround time: normal (9 working days)
所需时间 :标准(9 个工作天)


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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