Text item 测试项目:Pruner shears 修枝剪



轻型:10 mm

一般用途:16 mm

重型:20 mm

Text info 测试内容:

本英国标准规定了标称总长度不超过380 mm的单手和双手修枝剪的要求,主要用于修剪灌木林和类似的木本植物。

This British Standard specifies requirements for single and two-handed pruner shears, up to a nominal overall length of 380 mm, intended primarily for trimming shrubbery and similar woody growths.

Texting Items

4 General requirements 通用要求

4.1 Handles 手柄

4.2 Pivot 销子

4.3 Cutting blades 刀刃

4.4 Return spring 弹簧

4.5 Safety Catch 安全锁

5 Type test

5.1 Load test 手柄加载测试

5.2 Cutting test  剪切测试

5.3 Drop test 跌落测试

6 Safety 安全

7 Marking 标签

Sample Requirement: 4 pieces


Turnaround time: normal (9 working days)

所需时间: 标准(9 个工作天)


 Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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