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Test item 测试名称:
Specification for Performance Requirements and Tests for Office Furniture Part 2: Office Pedestal Seating for Use by Persons Weighing up to 150kg and for Use up to 24 Hours a Day, Including Tyoe-approval Test for Individual Companents
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
4.1 Durability  耐久性
A.5.1  Fore-and-aft safety (120,000 cycles)  前后疲劳测试
A.5.2 Seat impact 座位冲击测试
A.5.3 Back impact 靠背冲击
A.5.4 Drop 跌落
4.2 Component Durability   部件耐久性
A.7.2 Arm sideways static load 扶手侧向静载强度测试
A.7.3 Arm downward static load 扶手垂直静载强度测试
A.7.4 Arm impact 扶手冲击测试
A.7.5 Chari swivelling (100,000 cycles) 旋转疲劳测试
A.7.6 Seat height adjustment (10,000 cycles)  座位高度调节测试
A.7.7 Footrest fatigue (200,000 cycles) 搁脚板疲劳测试
A.7.8 Durability of controls 控制件疲劳测试
A.7.9 Locking device fatigue (500,000 cycles)  锁定装置疲劳测试 
4.3 Stability 稳定性
A.6.2.1 Forward overturning for all chairs, and sideways overturning for chairs without arms 前向稳定性及无扶手椅子的侧向稳定性
A.6.2.2 Sideways overturnig for armchairs 带扶手椅子的侧向稳定性
A.6.2.3 Rearward overturning 后向稳定性
A.6.2.4 Accidental rearward overturning 意外后向稳定性
A.6.2.5 Rearward overturning of tilting and reclining chairs 倾斜椅和躺椅的后向稳定性
4.4 Safety 安全
A.5.5 Fore-and-aft safety (380,000) & Side-to-side safety  (250,000 cycles)
Sample required: 4 sets of completed products.
样品要求 :全套样品4 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).
Turnaround time: 32 working days.
所需时间: 32 个工作天.
Remark: only suit for office seating used by persons weighing more than 110kg, or when used for more than 8 hours a day. Other seating are covered in EN 1335-2.
备注 :只适用于每天使用超过8小时, 或者使用者体重大于110kg的座椅. 其他情况下使用的办公椅的测试方法参见 EN 1335-2.


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