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Test item 测试名称:
Furniture - Strength and stability of furniture - Part 8: Methods for determination of stability of non-domestic storage furniture
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
7.2 Clause 7.2 Overturning test for an unloaded carcase 无装载架子的翻倒测试
7.2.1 Clause 7.2.1 Drawers 抽屉
7.2.2 Clause 7.2.2 Doors
7.3 Clause 7.3 Overturning tests for a loaded article 负载的翻倒测试
7.3.2 Clause 7.3.2 Doors and drawers 门和抽屉
7.3.3 Clause 7.3.3 Drawer slamming 抽屉撞击测试
7.3.4 Clause 7.3.4 Flap 吊板
7.3.5 Clause 7.3.5 Horizontal stability 水平稳定性测试
7.3.6 Clause 7.3.6 Impact 撞击测试
Sample required: 3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable).
样品要求: 全套样品3 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).
Turnaround time: Regular (7 working days), Express (5 working days).
所需时间: 标准(7 个工作天), 加快(5 个工作天).


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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