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Test item 测试名称:
Furniture - Strength and stability of furniture - Part 7: Domestic and contract storage furniture-Performance requirements
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
6.2.2 Static load test for tops and bottoms顶面和底面的静态载荷测试
6.2.1 Sustained load test for tops and bottoms顶面和底面的长期载荷测试
6.1.4 Strength of shelf supports 架子的支撑的强度
6.1.3 Deflection of shelves 架子的变形量
6.3.1 Strength of clothes rail suports挂衣杆的支撑的强度
6.3.2 Dislodgment of clothes rails 挂衣杆均匀负重测试 Vertical load on pivoted doors轴心门的垂直载荷 Horizontal load on pivoted doors轴心门的水平载荷
7.2.3 Durability of sliding doors and horizontal roll fronts滑动门和水平卷帘门的耐久性测试
7.1.3 Slam shut test of pivoted doors轴心门的撞击测试
7.1.4 Durability of pivoted doors轴心门的耐久性测试
7.2.2 Slam shut/open of sliding doors and horizontal roll fronts滑动门和水平卷帘门的撞击测试
7.3.1 Strength of bottom-hinged flaps底面装铰链的吊板的强度
7.3.2  Durability  of flaps吊板的耐久性测试
7.3.3 Drop test for top-hinged flaps顶面装铰链的吊板的跌落测试
7.4.2 Durability of vertical roll fronts垂直卷帘门的耐久性测试
7.4.1 Slam shut/open of vertical roll fronts垂直卷帘门的撞击测试
7.5.2 Strength of extension elements 伸出部件强度
7.5.3 Durability of extension elements 伸出部件的耐久性
7.5.4 Slam open/shut test of extension elements 伸出部件的急开急闭测试
7.5.5 Displacement of extension element bottoms 伸出部件底部测试
7.5.6 Interlock test 互锁
7.6.2 Strength test for locking and latching mechanisms for extension elements
7.6.3 Strength test for locking and latching mechanisms for doors, flaps and roll fronts  门、翼板锁强度测试
6.4.1 Test for structure and underframe结构和框架的测试
6.4.3 Test for units with castors or wheels 带轮子的柜子测试
8.1.3 Sustained load test  长期承重测试
8.1.4 Dislodgement test 抗分离测试
Sample required: 3 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable).
样品要求: 全套样品3 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).
Turnaround time: Regular (12-17 working days), Express (9-12 working days).
所需时间: 标准(12-17 个工作天), 加快(9-12 个工作天).


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