Test item 测试名称:
Specification For Quality Of Vitreous China Sanitary Appliances 陶瓷卫生设备的质量规范
Test info 测试内容: 
Clause  Test Requirement
3 Application of glazing 釉表面检查
4 Tolerances 公差检查
5 Visual examination 表观检查
6 Water absorption 吸水率
7 Crazing 龟裂
8 Chemical resistance 抗化学性
9 Resistance to staining and burning 抗着色性及防燃烧性
10 Supplier"s certificate 厂商的证书
Sampling requirement: 4 sets of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable)                      
Turnaround time: normal (17 working days); express (14 working days)
所需时间:标准(17个工作日); 加快(14个工作日)

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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