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Test Name 测试名称:  Domestic Bedding Part 10 Specification for Mattresses and Dumpers for Children"s Cots, Perambulators and similar domestic Articles
Test Info 测试内容:
Test item
4. Materials and components
4.1 General
4.1 General assessment on sewing thread
4.2 Fillings
4.2 Fillings: Cleanliness of fillings: BS 1425-1 or BS EN 12935
4.2 Fillings: Polyurethane foam: BS 3379
4.3 Mattresses construction
4.3.1 Polyurethane foam cores
4.3.2 Spring units
4.3.3 Other types of contruction
4.4 Covering materials
4.4 Covering materials: BS EN 14976
Table 1: Width of fabric EN 1773
Table 1: Length of the roll EN 1773
Table 1: Fabric weight EN 12127
Table 2: Color fastness to rubbing EN ISO 105 X12
Table 2: Color fastness to perspiration EN ISO 105 E04
Table 2: Tear strength
EN ISO 13937-2 (Woven)
EN ISO 9073-4 (Non-woven)
Table 2: Seam slippage EN ISO 13936-2
Table 2: Tensile strength EN ISO 13934-1
Table 2: Bursting strength EN ISO 13938-1
Table 3: Dimensional stability to washing EN 25077
Table 3: Color fastness to light EN ISO 105 B02
Table 3: Color fastness to washing EN ISO 105 C08
4.5 Chemical hazards
Toxic Elements Test (EN 71-3)
4.6 Ventilators
Toxic Elements Test (EN 71-3)
5. Construction
5.1 Cover & filling
All mattress: Visual Assessment
For removable cover: Visual Assessment
Test probe enter any gap
For impremeable covers: Tension test
5.2 Mattress performance
Mattresses performance
5.3 Mesh strength
(Applicable when mesh is used as all or part of the cover)
Mesh strength
(Applicable when mesh is used as all or part of the cover)
5.4 Bumper
Length & Width
(against size specification given by client)
Free ends visual assesssment
Attachment strength
6. Dimensions of mattresses
6.1 Length & Width 
(against size specification given by clinent)
6.2 Depth:
6.2.1: For cot mattresses
6.2.2: For travel cot mattresses
6.2.3: For other mattresses
7. Marking
Mattresses & Bumpers - Marking label  (visual assessment)
Looped labels (Visual assessment)
Marking language (visual assessment)
Marking letter size (visual assessment)
8. Packaging
Packaging warning
(a-c) Plastic in packaging
Lead Time 测试周期: 常规 Regular 25 working days
Sample Size 送样规格: 20pcs + 30cm x 30cm per color textile material  
Others 其他信息:
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Sample report 样本报告:
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