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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: BFD-IX-10 Regulation Of Upholstered Furniture 波士顿防火法规
BFD-IX-10 : Regulation Of Upholstered Furniture  (波士顿防火法规)                                                                        
Test Clause Requirement
Conditioning T: 70±5ºF (21±3ºC), H: less than 55%  at least 48h
Test Clause Requirement
Criteria (1) Open calorimeter test method
Test Requirement: 
Boston fire department seating criteria(1) for open calorimeter test method:
a) Rate of heat release: shall not exceed 80kW during the entire test.
b) Total heat release: shall not exceed 25MJ for the first 10 minutes or the time interval for the occurrence of the maximum rate of heat release.
c) Total mass loss: shall not exceed 3 pounds for the entire test.
Test Sample: The test sample shall consist of typical seating furniture, or a full-scale mock-up of the furniture. When a full-scale furniture mock-up is used, the mock-up shall in all respects reflect the construction of the actual furniture that it is intended to represent. 
Turnaround time: normal (7 working days)

BFD-IX-10 : 2016 Regulation Of Upholstered Furniture  (波士顿防火法规)  Solid plastic chairs硬质塑料椅 ASTM E 1537 7 一套成品座椅
Seating products软垫座椅产品 TB117-2013 / 参照TB 117-2013

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