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Test item 测试名称:
Australian Food Grade for Ceramic,Glass,Enamel 陶瓷, 搪瓷, 玻璃澳洲食品等级要求
Test limit 限量要求:
Max permissible limit
Flatware or article cannot be filled up:                             
Pb-20mg/L, Cd-2.0mg/L
Hollow ware (Capacity<1.1L):                                          
Pb-7.0mg/L, Cd-0.7mg/L
Hollow ware (Capacity1.1L):                                      
Pb-2.0mg/L, Cd-0.2mg/L
Test info 测试内容:
Leachable lead and cadmium for internel contacting with foodstuff parts
Samples size 送样规格: 4pcs
Lead time 测试周期:常规 regular service 10 working days
Others 其他信息:  
Photo for reference 参考图片:
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