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ASTM F400 Standard consumer safety specification for lighters 打火机的安全使用规范
Clause Test Requirement
4 General requirements 概括要求
4.1 Flame generation  火焰产生
4.2 Flame control 火焰控制
4.3 Flame height adjustment 火焰高度调节
4.4 Spitting or sputtering and flaring 火焰爆裂、溅射、闪火
4.5 Flame extinction  火焰熄灭
4.6 Volumetric displacement 燃料容量
5 Structural integrity requirements 结构要求
5.2 Drop test 跌落测试
5.3 Temperature test 抗高温测试
5.4 Burning test 燃烧测试
5.5 Continuous burn 连续燃烧
5.6 Cyclic burn 循环燃烧
5.7 External finish 表面做工
5.8 Compatibility 燃料适应性 (28 days in encosure of 40℃±2℃)
5.9 Pressure test 内压测试
7 Instruction and warning 说明书和警告标签
9 Product marking 产品标记
Sample required: 50 pieces of samples with label (if necessary)
Turnaround time: normal (30 days)

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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