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ASTM F1898 Helmets for Non-Motorized Wheeled Vehicle Used by Infants and Toddlers 
Labels and Warnings
Retention System Testing (roll off)
Retention System Testing (dynamic strength retention)
Peak Acceleration Requirements
Field of Vision (ASTM F1446-12.6)
Projection (ASTM F1446-12.5)
Sample required: 5 pcs of completed products per headform size per model with instruction (if applicable) is recommended. 
样品要求: 每款每种测试头型尺寸的头盔各5个,包括说明书(如适用). 
Test applicant shall provide non-toxic self-certification for material test, not providing this may result in an incomplete report of the standard.
Turnaround time: normal ( 7-9 working days).
所需时间: 标准(7-9个工作天).
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