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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: 噬菌体穿透率的试验系统测试防护服装材料抗血液携带病原体穿透率的标准试验方法

Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens Using Phi-X174 Bacteriophage Penetration as a Test System

ISO 16604, ASTM F 1671, NFPA 1999 
耐湿细菌渗透性 Resistance to Wet Bacterial Penetration 
送样: per product (set of 5) 
周期: Turnaround Time: 24 days
ISO 16604, ASTM F 1671, ,NFPA 1999 
耐干细菌渗透性 Resistance to Dry Microbial Penetration 
周期: Turnaround Time: 17 days
送样: Sample Amount: 20  finished products, or 20  samples of ~200 mm x ~200 mm cut from finished products. 2 set (10 replicates; 2 negatives)
ISO 16604, ASTM F 1671, NFPA 1999 
病毒渗透测试 Viral Penetration
周期: Turnaround Time: 21 days
送样: Sample Amount: 40 specimens recommended for FDA Submission; each specimen must be 3 x 3 inches (75 mm x 75 mm) minimum. Include 4 extra samples for setup. Compatibility test may be required. Set up and preparation (cutting) fee may be charged per set of 42 specimens
ISO 16604, ASTM F 1671, NFPA 1999 
病毒渗透测试 兼容性  Viral Penetration Compatibility Test
送样: Required once per material per site tested. Requires 6 extra specimens per material per site.
Refer products 涉及产品:  医用
Lead time 周期:  常规服务 regular service 15 工作日 working days ( URGENT service, to be confirm, 加急服务待定 )
Sample size 送样规格:  12pcs finished products 十二个成品

Sample report 样本报告:
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