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Test item 测试名称: Playground Equipment for public use 公共用场地器械的安全
Test info 测试内容:
4 material and manufactuer 材料和加工
4.1 General
4.1.1 Corrosion assistance treated(for metal)金属防腐处理
wood treating 木材处理
Ultraviolet (UV) degradation (for plastic)
4.1.2 hazardous amounts of substances (ASTM F963)
  Lead in Paint (16CFR 1303)
4.1.3 wood treating 木材处理
4.2 fasterners紧固件以及固定装置
4.3 tires 轮胎
5 General Requirements 总体要求
6 performance requirements 性能要求
6.1 Head and Neck Entrapment头部和颈部陷入危险
6.2 sharp points and sharp edges 尖点利边
6.3 Protrusions 突出物
6.4 entanglement缠绕危险
6.5 crush and shear points 挤压和剪切点
6.6. suspended hazards 悬吊危险
7 requriements for access/egress 出入口的要求
7.1 accessible routes to a play strecture 器械的入口
7.2 rung ladders, stepladders, stairways, and ramps 阶梯,楼梯,斜道
7.3 other means of access 其他进入方式
7.4 transition from access to platform 入口和平台之间的过渡
7.5 platforms, landings walkways, ramps, similar transitional play surfaces 站台,楼梯平台,走道,斜坡等过渡面
8 equipment 设备
8.1 balance beams 平衡梁 
8.2 climbers 攀爬体
8.3 upper body equipment 上肢训练设备
8.4 sliding poles 滑竿
8.5 slide 滑轨
8.6 swing 秋千
8.7 swinging gates and doors 掩门
8.8 Merry-Go-Rounds 旋转木马
8.9 roller sliders 滚筒滑轨
8.1 seesaws 跷跷板
8.11 spring rocking equipment 震荡设备
8.12 leg rolls 曲腿训练设备
8.13 track rides 有轨骑行装置
8.14 roofs顶部
8.15 stepping forms 步进装置
9 playground layout 游乐场的布局
10 accessibility 可到达
11 installation 安装
12 structure integrity 结构完整性
13 maintenance 维护
14 labeling 贴标
15 information signage and label 警告标志和标签
Lead time 测试周期:  常规 regular service 23 working days
Sample size 送样规格:  3pcs
Photo for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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