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Test item 测试名称: Home Playground Equipment 家用场地器械安全
这个产品是在家里用,并且是给18个月到 10 岁之间的小孩玩耍的
Test info 测试内容:
4.1 General new material documentation or testing program may submit for reviewing
4.1.1 Corrosion assistance treated(for metal)
 by testing or by claim
wood treating 木材处理 by testing or by claim and verification
Ultraviolet (UV) degradation (for plastic) by testing or by claim and verification, refer to ASTM D4329-99 
4.1.2 hazardous amounts of substances (ASTM F963) by testing 
4.1.3 Lead in Paint (16CFR 1303) by testing 
4.1.4 Edges, Points, and Surfaces  
4.1.5 Open Tubing  
4.1.6 Pinch, Crush, and Shear Points  
4.1.7 Acute Angles  
4.1.8 Spacing Between Adjacent Swing Elements for swing set
4.1.9 Spacing Between Swing Elements and Stationary Frame Members  
4.1.10 Hardware  
4.1.11 locking meanings  
4.1.12 Hooks  
4.1.13 Guardrails and Protective Barriers  
4.1.14 Head and Neck Entrapment  
4.1.15 Holes and Slots  
Package Price for the swing tests  
4.2 Swing  
4.2.1 Hanger (180,000 cycles durability test)  
4.2.2 Minimum Ground Clearance  
4.2.3 Single-Occupancy Swings (Peak acceleration should not exceed 100g)  
4.2.4 Multiple-Occupancy Swings  
4.2.5 Pendulum See-Saws  
4.2.6 Toddler Swings Restraining System Chains Toddler Swing Stability  
Package Price for the slide tests  
4.3 Slides  
4.3.1 Slide Requirements  
4.3.2 Stability of Free-Standing Slides  
4.3.3 Roller Slides  
Package Price for the following physical tests  
4.4 Swing Set Stability  
4.5 Merry-Go-Rounds  
4.6 Hand Gripping/Grasping Components  
4.7 Structural Integrity  
4.7.1 Rungs, Steps, and Horizontal Supporting Members  
4.7.2 Top Support Bar  
4.7.3 Individual Suspended Units  
4.7.4 Slides  
4.7.5 Rockers  
4.7.6 Merry-Go-Rounds  
4.7.7 Climbing Towers/Jungle Gyms  
4.7.8 Platforms  
4.8 Protrusions  
4.9 Ropes  
4.10.1 Rung Ladders, Stepladders and Stairways:  
4.10.2 Handrails  
5 Labeling  
6 Instructions  
7 General Requirements  
8 Packaging  
9 Identification of Conformance to This Standard  
Sample size: 3 samples
Turnaround time: 20 working days
Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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