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Test item 测试名称: Cots for Household Use 室内用童床安全
Test info 测试内容:
4 Material
4.1 Timber
4.2 Metals
4.3 Toxicological Requirements
5 Construction
6 Design
6.1 Dimensions
6.2 Footholds
6.3 Design of access fastening device
6.4 Dropside guides
6.5 Bottom Rails
6.6 Castors or glides
6.7 Protrusions and snag points
6.8 Sharp edges and sharp points
7 Toys included with cot
8 Transfers
9 Safety and performance requirements
9.1 General
9.2 Entrapment hazard test
9.3 Impact test
9.4 Strength test
9.5 Dropside load test
9.6 Durability of the access fastening devices
9.7 Durability of the dropside mechanism
9.8 Stability test
10 Plastic packaging
11 Informtive labelling
12 Marking
Lead time 测试周期:  常规 regular service 11 working days
Sample size 送样规格:  3pcs
Others 其他信息:
1. All materials and coatings in access zone need to be conducted Toxicity test.
Sample for reference 参考图片:
Responsive image
Sample Report 报告样本:
Responsive imageResponsive imageResponsive imageResponsive image