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Test item 测试名称: Laundry troughs and tubs 洗衣槽以及浴盆
Test info 测试内容:
Clause  Test Requirement
1.5 Design 结构设计
1.5.1 Corner radii 角半径
1.5.2 Flashings 防水板
1.5.3 Drainage 排水
1.5.4 Support 支架
1.5.5 Rigidity 坚硬度
A6 Vertical deflection of tiling flange 瓷砖边缘的垂直偏转
A7 Horizontal deflection of tiling flange 瓷砖边缘的水平偏转
A8 Deflection at the outlet 排水口的变形
1.5.6 Waste outlet 排水口
1.5.7 Holes for installation of taps 水龙头安装口
1.5.8 Bypass 溢水口
1.6 Informative labelling 信息标签
1.7 Installation instruction 安装说明书
1.8 Marking 商标
2 Concrete laundry troughs 混凝土洗衣槽 (excluded)
3 Pressed-steel vitreous enamelled laundry troughs 压制钢搪瓷洗衣槽
3.2 Material and workmanship 材料以及工艺
3.2.1 Steel
3.2.2 Thickness 厚度
3.2.3 Construction 结构
3.2.4 Surface finish 表面加工
3.3 Surface quality 表面质量
3.4 Blemishes
4 Vitreous china laundry troughs 陶瓷洗衣槽
4.2 Material and workmanship 材料以及工艺
4.2.1 Material 材料
4.2.2 Thickness 厚度
4.2.3 Surface finish 表面加工
4.3 Surface quality 表面质量
5 Stainless steel laundry troughs 不锈钢洗衣槽
5.2 Material and workmanship 材料以及工艺
5.2.1 Stainless steel 不锈钢
5.2.2 Thickness 厚度
5.2.3 Construction 结构
6 Plastics and composite materials laundry troughs 塑料以及复合材料洗衣槽
6.2 Material and workmanship 材料以及工艺
6.2.2 Gel coat thickness 凝胶涂层的厚度
6.3 Properties of finished laundry troughs 整体洗衣槽的性状
6.3.2 Surface quality 表面质量
6.3.3 Chemical and stain resistance 抗化学以及染色性
6.3.4 Colour fastness 不退色测试
6.3.5 Surface scratching 表面刮擦试验
6.3.6 Impct 冲击测试
6.3.7 Thermal shock 热冲击测试
6.3.8 Thermal expansion 热膨胀测试
6.3.9 Thermal distortion 热变形性
Sampling requirement: 3 sets of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable); 2 pcs of 10 X 10 cm samples;                      
样品要求:全套样品3套,并伴随安装说明书(如果适用); 210X10cm的不锈钢板
Turnaround time: normal (9 working days); express (7 working days)
所需时间:标准(9个工作日); 加快(7个工作日)


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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