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Test item 测试名称:  Sunglass 太阳眼镜
Test info 测试内容:
2.1 Transmittance Requirements and Lens categories
2.2 Other Transmittance requirements
2.3 Special Transmittance Requirements
-Polarizing lenses
-Gradient lenses
2.4 Claimed Transmittance Properties
2.5 Optical Power of Lenses
2.6 Scattered Light
2.9 Ignition
  Requirements for Assembled Sunglasses
3.1 General Construction
3.2 Eye Coverage and Field of View
3.4.1 Mechanical Requirements - Security of the lenses in the frame
3.4.2 Mechanical Requirements - Impact resistant sunglasses and fashion spectacles
3.5 Ignition
4 Marking and Labelling
- Information to be supplied
- Method of marking and labeling
- Transmittance claims
- Impact Resistance


成人太阳镜:应覆盖水平直径为40mm,垂直直径为28mm, 对称分布于鼻梁两边,且两镜片中心距为64mm的两个椭圆。



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Sample size 送样规格:
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 Regular service 16 working days
Others 其他信息:
Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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