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Test item 测试名称:Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures 陶瓷卫浴装置
Norm refer 涉及标准:CSA B45.1
Test info 测试内容:   
Clause Test Requirement
4 General Requirement 一般要求
4.1 Dimensions and tolerances 尺寸和偏差
4.1.1 Thickness 厚度
4.1.2 Tolerances 偏差
4.2 Glazing 釉面
4.3 Waste fitting openings,drainage, and overflows 排水以及溢流装置
4.3.1 Waste fitting openings and drainage 排水口
4.3.2 Overflows 溢流口
4.4 Off-the-floor plumbing fixture supports 卫浴悬空安装系统
4.5 Non-vitreous ceramic plumbing fixtures 非瓷陶瓷装置
4.6 Additional requirements for water closets 座便器的附加要求
4.7 Additional requirements for urinals 小便器的附加要求
5.1 General 一般要求
5.2 Gravity flush tanks 重力冲洗水箱
5.3 Pressurized flushing devices 压力冲洗设备
5.4 Plastic Water closet tanks 塑料冲洗水箱
5.5 Electrical components of electro-hydraulic water closet 带电的座便器
5.6 Dual-flush water closet 双冲座便器 ASME A112.19.14)
6 Tests 测试
6.1 Absorption test 吸水率
6.2 crazing test 龟裂测试
6.3 Surface examination 表面评估
6.4 Warpage test 变形量
6.5 Field-installed flange test 法兰测试
6.7 Structural integrity tests for wall-mounted plumbing fixtures 挂壁式卫浴的整体结构
6.9 Joint seal test 接缝密封测试
6.1 Auger test 螺丝钻测试
6.11 Condensation-free (insulated) tank test 绝缘水箱测试
7 Water closet tests 座便器测试
7.1 General 一般要求
7.2 Trap seal depth determination test 水封测试
7.3 Trap seal restoration test 水封恢复测试
7.4 Water consumption test 用水量测试
7.5 Granule and ball test 颗粒和球体试验
7.6 Surface wash test 表面冲洗试验
7.7 Mixed media test 混合介质试验
7.8 Drain line transport characterization test 排水管道输送特性
7.9 Overflow test for gravity flush tanks 重力冲洗水箱的溢流测试
8 Urinal test 小便器测试
8.1 General 一般要求
8.2 Test apparatus and general instructions 测试设备和说明
8.3 Trap seal depth determination test 水封测试
8.4 Surface wash test 表面冲洗试验
8.5 Dye test 染色试验
8.6 Water consumption test 用水量测试
8.7 Tests for non-water-consuming urinals (ASME A112.19.19) 无水小便器测试
9 Markings, packaging, and installation instruction and other literature 商标,包装以及安装说明
Sampling requirement: 2 set of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable
3 pcs of unglazed fragment material  with 3200 mm2   
3 pcs of glazed fragment material  with 3200 mm2   
 33200 mm2的无釉碎片
 33200 mm2的有釉碎片
Turnaround time: normal (9 working days)express7 working days

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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