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Test item 测试名称: Enamelled Cast Iron and Enamelled Steel Plumbing Fixtures 铸铁以及钢板搪瓷卫浴设备
Norm refer 涉及标准: CSA B 45.2
Test info 测试内容: 
Clause  Test Requirement
4 General Requirement 一般要求
4.1 General  一般
4.2 Cast iron thickness 铸铁厚度
4.3 Tolerance 偏差
4.4.1 General - Enamel 搪瓷的一般要求
4.4.2 Specular gloss 光泽度
4.4.3 Reflectance 反射率
4.4.4 Enamel thickness 搪瓷厚度
4.4.5 Surface treatment 表面处理
4.5.1 Waste fitting openings and drainage 排水装置
4.5.2 Overflows 溢流装置
4.6 Additional requirements for lavatories and sinks -openings and mounting surface for supply fitting 脸盆以及水槽的附加要求 
4.7 Additional requirements for bathtubs and shower bases 浴缸以及淋浴底盘的附加要求 (subcontract to US)
4.8 Additional requirements for drinking fountains 饮水设备的附加要求
5 Test Methods 测试方法
5.1 Acid resistance test 耐酸测试
5.2 Surface examination 表观评估
5.3 Warpage test 热变形测试
5.4 Field-installed flange test 安装法兰测试
5.5 Overflow test 溢流测试
5.6 Structural integrity tests for enamelled steel bathtubs, lavatories, and sinks 搪瓷钢板浴缸,脸盆以及水槽的结构整体性测试
6 Marking ,packaging, and literature 商标,包装
Sampling requirement: 5 sets of completed samples with assembly instruction (if applicable);1 pc of 24" X 36" sample with slip treatment;                                  
样品要求:全套样品5套,并伴随安装说明书(如果适用)1 pc of 24" X 36" sample with slip treatment
Turnaround time: normal (23 working days); 

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