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Test item 测试名称: Plumbing Waste Fittings 卫浴排水装置
Norm refer 涉及标准:  CSA B 125.2
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
4.1 Materials 材料 
4.1.3 PP for tubular waste fittings (ASTM D4101)
4.1.3 ABS for tubular waste fittings(ASTM D3965)
4.1.3 PVC for tubular waste fittings(ASTM D1784 class 12454/14333)
4.1.4 ABS, PVC DWV for pipe and pipe fittings
4.1.5 Copper alloys 铜合金 (M>56%)
4.1.6 Cast iron 
4.1.7 Ductile iron
4.1.8 Stainless steel alloys 不锈钢合金(300/400series)
  Performance Test Fee
4.2 Installation 安装
4.3 Threads 螺纹
4.4 Solder connections 焊接件
4.5 Replacement parts 交换部件
4.6 Dimensions 尺寸(Additional Requirment in Plumbing code: trap thickness>=1.1mm
4.6.1 Outlet size 排污口尺寸
4.6.2 Slip joints 滑配接头
4.6.3 Wall thickness 壁厚
4.6.4 Sink strainer assemblies 水槽过滤器安装
4.6.5 Traps 存水湾
4.6.6 Mechanical stoppers 机械塞子
4.6.7 Elastomeric fittings 弹性的装置
4.6.8 Tubing stops 管路截止
4.6.9 Subdrains for built-up shower pans 用于组合式淋浴底盘的地下排水系统
5 Performance requirements and test methods 性能要求与测试方法
5.2 Corrosion 腐蚀
5.3 Thermal cycling test 热循环测试
5.4 Coating 涂层
5.5 Shower drain strainers 淋浴排水过滤器
5.6 Sink strainer assemblies 水槽过滤器安装
5.6.2 Hot oil exposure 热油暴露测试
5.6.3 Water absorption 吸水率
5.6.4 Point impact 点冲击
5.7 Body and clamping rings of subdrains for built-up shower pans 用于组合式淋浴底盘的地下排水系统的本体及锁紧环
5.8 Minimum flow rates 最小流速
5.9 Strength test 强度测定
5.9.1 Thread torque strength test 螺纹扭力强度测试
5.9.2 Hydraulic pressure 水压
5.1 Life cycle test 使用寿命测试
5.11 Seal leakage 密封泄漏
5 Marking requirements  商标要求
Sample required: 4 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable) ; 5 Kg raw material (for plastic fitting)
 样品要求: 全套样品4套并包括安装说明书(如适用); 5 Kg 原材料粒子 (塑料下水)
Turnaround time: Normal (9 working days - metal; 12 working days - plastic), Express (7working days).
所需时间: 标准(9个工作天 - 金属 ,12个工作天-塑料), 加快(7 个工作天).

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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