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Test item 测试名称:  Plumbing Supply Fittings 卫浴供水配件
Norm refer 涉及标准:  CSA B 125.1
Test info 测试内容:
Clause Test Requirement
  Shower Head (淋浴头)physical part / 物理部分 no moving parts)
  Shower Head (淋浴头)physical part / 物理部分 with moving parts)
  Hand Shower (手持花洒)physical part / 物理部分 no moving parts)
  Hand Shower (手持花洒)physical part / 物理部分 with moving parts)
  Shower hose (花洒软管)No NSF part/ physical part / 物理部分
  Stop Valve (供水阀)physical part / 物理部分 
  Faucet (水龙头)physical part / 物理部分  normal
  NSF PART (Metal Only)
  NSF PART (Metal and Organic Material)
4 Design Requirements 设计要求
4.1.1 Rated pressure 额定压力
4.1.2 Rated temperature 额定温度
4.1.3 Seating members 可替换的底座
4.2 Servicing 维修
4.3 Installation 安装
4.4 Threaded connections 螺纹连接
4.5 Connections other than threaded connections 螺纹以外的连接
4.6 Accessible design 易操作设计
4.8 Cover plates and escutcheons 安装盖
4.9 Toxicity 毒性分析
4.1 Frost-proof faucet and hydrants 防结霜水龙头以及消防龙头
4.11 Shower heads, body spray, and hand-held showers 淋浴头、淋浴喷嘴以及手持淋浴装置
4.12 Cross-flow 交叉流
4.13 Fittings incorporating electrical features 带电的配置
4.14 Materials 材料
  Copper alloy 铜合金
  Stainless steel alloy 不锈钢合金
4.15 Automatic compensating valve temperature control 自动温度补偿阀门
4.16 Lawn and sediment faucets 草坪以及沉积水龙头
5 Performance requirements and test methods 性能要求以及测试方法
5.2 Coatings 镀层
5.2.2 Corrosion all substrates and coatings 腐蚀测试(所有的基体与镀层)
5.2.3 Adhesion 粘附力 Electrodeposited and PVD coatings on metals 金属基体上的电镀层以及PVD镀层 Electrodeposited and PVD coatings on plastics 塑料基体上的电镀层以及PVD镀层 Organic coatings 有机镀层
5.2.4 Decorative organic coatings 装饰用的有机镀层 Water degradation 水退化 Soap and cleaner effects 耐碱以及耐清洁 Abrasion resistance 耐磨性
5.3 Pressure and temperature 压力以及温度
5.3.1 Static and dynamic seals 静态以及动态的密封性能
5.3.2 Burst pressure 爆破压力
5.3.3 Cross-flow check valves 交叉流检查阀门
5.3.4 Hose assemblies 软管配件
5.3.5 Ball joint 球窝接头
5.3.6 Diverters 分流器 diverters for bath and shower 浴盆以及淋浴分流器 diverters for kitchen and lavatory 厨房水槽以及洗脸盆分流器
5.4 Flow rate 流速测试 
5.6 Life cycle 寿命测试(500000 cycles(台盆、水槽龙头)
  250000 cycles (浴室、花洒龙头)
  150000 cycles(自关龙头)
  50000 cycles (妇洗器龙头)
  10000 cycles (花洒头、花洒软管调节)
  2000 cycles(供水阀)
5.7 Resistance to installation loading 抵抗安装负荷
5.7.1 Bending strength 抗弯强度
5.7.2 Thread torque strength 扭力测试
5.8 Resistance to use loading 抵抗使用负荷
5.8.1 Operating control 操作控制
5.8.2 Maintenance of installed position 安装位置的维护
5.8.3 Swing spout strength 摆动喷嘴强度
5.9 Backflow prevention 防逆流性 
5.1 Automatic compensating valve 自动补偿阀门
6 Marking 标识
NSF 部分的样品要求:
 Metals only: 3 pcs of samples, 7-9 weeks
Organics only: 1 pc (see note)" 7-9 weeks
Complete test 4 pcs (see note); 7-9 weeks
Note: the sample No. for the organic test is base on the water volume of the faucet. If the faucet can hold not less than 150 ml water, we will only need 1 sample. If less than that, you will need to provide more samples which can give us the 150 ml water volume.                                                   
5 sets of samples with installation instruction and drawing.
The TAT shall be 4 weeks.

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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