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AS/CA S008 Requirements for customer cabling products ( Australian Standard)

This standard applies to cabling product (including cable and related customer equipment) intended for connection to the customer side of the boundary of a telecommunications network. This standard does not apply to cabling products intended primarily for the distribution of AC mains supply.


AS/CA S008条款5.6.2 导体和光纤标识
AS/CA S008条款5.6.3 绝缘及护套材料
AS/CA S008条款5.6.4 易燃性
AS/CA S008条款5.6.5 抗紫外线
AS/CA S008条款5.6.6 金属导体
AS/CA S008条款5.6.7 金属屏蔽
AS/CA S008条款5.6.8 渗水性试验
AS/CA S008条款5.6.9 整体承载性

周期: 10 working days 工作日

送样: 200m of cable

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