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Test item 测试名称:
Methods for fire tests on building materials components and structures Part 2: Test for flammability of materials
Test info 测试内容: 
Test Clause Requirement
Conditioning 20±2 65±5%R.H. at least 24h 
Sample Required: 
We require you to provide samples as per the standard requirement, measuring 535 mm long by 75 mm wide.
Please see below Examples for sample size and amount:
Symmetrical (Example 1) 10 samples;
Asymmetrical (Example 2) 20 samples;
Any directional properties (warp, weft etc. See Examples 3 & 4) additional 20 samples along with the above type of material, i.e. symmetrical or asymmetrical.


Turnaround time: about 2 monthsOur current turnaround time for testing is 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of the signed testing agreement and correct samples.
We can offer urgent testing services for above which is a 10 day turnaround. Please indicate if you require this service and we can provide these additional fees.

NOTE: The test required products with different faces or varying features with directional properties shall be separately tested, i.e. one product may require multiple full tests, see structure and images to better understand.     

Suitability for test
Please be aware that this test standard is only applicable to “thin sheet or woven material which is sufficiently pliable to be inserted into the test apparatus by hand without special softening treatment, so that it may be graded according to a flammability index. The test is unsuitable for materials which melt readily or shrink away from an igniting flame.”

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Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:

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