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Test item 测试名称: Panel Systems 屏风系统

Test info 检测要求:

4 Panel flammability test 防火测试
5 Stability test for panel systems products 稳定性测试 
6 Mechanical strength test for panel systems products 机械强度测试
7 Panel glide assembly strength test 面板滑轨强度测试
8 Panel component static load tests 板状构件强度测试
8.1 Work surface concentrated functional load test 工作台面集中功能载荷测试
8.2 Horizontal surface distributed functional load test 水平台面均布功能载荷测试
8.3 Horizontal surface concentrated proof load tests 水平台面集中破坏载荷测试
8.4 Horizontal surface distributed proof load test 水平台面均布破坏载荷测试
8.5 Transaction surface torsional load test 记录台面扭曲载荷测试
8.6 Functional load test for panel mounted storage units – static 储存柜功能载荷测试
8.7 Proof load test for panel mounted storage units – static 储存柜破坏载荷测试
9 Lock tests – static 锁测试
9.1 Test for extendible element locks 抽屉锁测试
9.2 Force test for door locks 门锁测试
10 Panel mounted component cyclic durability tests 屏风构件疲劳测试
10.1 Work surface durability (top load ease) test 工作台面疲劳测试
10.2 Wear and fatigue test for hinged doors 带铰链的门疲劳测试
10.3 Drop test for horizontally hinged doors – cyclic 带铰链的门跌落测试
10.4 Wear and fatigue test for horizontal receding door 水平伸缩门疲劳测试
10.5 Wear and fatigue test for vertical receding door 垂直伸缩门疲劳测试
10.6 Sliding and roll-front door wear and fatigue test 滑动门和卷门疲劳测试
10.7 Slam test for sliding and roll-front doors which free-fall open or closed 大力打开/关闭测试(滑动门和卷门,靠重力打开/关闭)
10.8 Slam open/closed test for sliding and roll-front doors that do not free-fall 大力打开/关闭测试(滑动门和卷门,不靠重力打开/关闭)
10.9 Slam open/closed test for vertically hinged doors 大力打开/关闭门测试(铰链垂直安装)
10.1 Door latch test 门插销测试
10.11 Cycle test for extendible elements deeper than wide 抽屉疲劳测试 (宽度小于深度)
10.12 Cycle test for extendible elements wide than deeper 抽屉疲劳测试 (宽度大于深度)
10.13 Cycle test for center/pencil drawers 铅笔盒疲劳测试
10.14 Out stop test 抽屉外挡块测试
10.15 Rebound test 抽屉反弹测试
10.16 Locking mechanism cycles test for all locks 锁机构疲劳测试
10.17 Adjustment tests for adjustable keyboard surfaces and input device supports可调节键盘疲劳测试
10.18 Work surface vertical adjustment test 工作台面垂直调节测试
10.19 Vertically or horizontally hinged sliding door out stop tests 滑动门外挡块测试
11 Dislodgment test for panel-mounted components 抗搬运能力测试
12 Pull force test 抽屉拉力测试

Sample size 送样规格:

2 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable) is recommended.

全套样品2 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).

Lead time 测试周期: 常规 Regular service 14 working days
Others 其他信息:
Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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