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Test item 测试名称:  Desk/Table 桌子
Test info 检测要求:
4.2 Stability with Extendible Elements Open Test  打开抽屉的稳定性测试
4.3 Stability Under Vertical Load Test 垂直负载下的稳定性测试
4.4 Horizontal Stability Test for Desk/Tables with Casters 带滚轮桌子水平稳定性测试
4.5 Force Stability Test for Tall Desk/Table Products 高度>1067mm(42")桌子稳定性测试
5 Unit Strength Test  静态载荷测试
6 Top Load Ease Cycle Test 桌面疲劳载荷测试(10,000 cycles)
7 Desk/Table Unit Drop Test 跌落测试 (桌子<68kg, 跌落高度7.1”; 桌子≥68kg,跌落高度4.7”)
8 Leg Strength Test 桌腿强度测试
9 Disengagement Tests for Tall Desk/Table Products 高度>1067mm(42")的桌子搬运性能测试
10 Extendible Element Cycle Test 抽屉疲劳测试(50,000 cycles)
11 Extendible Element Retention Impact and Durability Tests 抽屉外挡块测试(15000 cycles)
12 Extendible Element Rebound Test 抽屉反弹测试
13 Interlock Strength Test 互锁系统强度测试
14 Lock tests 锁测试
15 Work Surface Vertical Adjustment Test 桌面高度调节机构测试
16 Keyboard Support and Input Device Support Adjustment Tests 可调节键盘托架和输入装置支撑板疲劳测试(2500 cycles)
17.2 Strength Test for Vertically Hinged Doors, Bi-fold Doors and Vertically Receding Doors 门强度测试(铰链垂直安装的、两褶的及垂直伸缩门)
17.3 Hinge Override Test for Vertically Hinged Doors 
17.4 Vertical Receding Doors Strength Test 垂直门强度测试  
17.5 Horizontal Receding Doors Strength Test 水平门强度测试
17.6 Wear and Fatigue Test for Hinged, Horizontally Sliding, and Tambour Doors 门疲劳测试 (20000 cycles)
17.7 Wear and Fatigue Test for Vertical Receding Doors 门疲劳测试(垂直伸缩) (10,000 cycles)
17.8 Wear and Fatigue Test for Horizontal Receding Doors 门疲劳测试(水平伸缩)(20000 cycles)
17.9 Vertical and Horizontal Receding Door Out Stop Test – Cyclic Impact and
Durability 垂直或水平伸缩门外挡块测试-撞击疲劳性
17.1 Slam Closed Test for Vertically Hinged and Vertically Receding Doors 大力打开/关闭门测试(铰链垂直安装, 10 times)
17.11 Drop Cycle Test for Horizontally Hinged and Horizontally Receding Doors (自由跌落测试(铰链水平安装), 500 times)
17.12 Slam Test for Doors Which Free Fall Open or Closed 大力打开/关闭门测试(靠重力关闭/打开) (50 cycles)
17.13 Slam Open and Closed Test for Doors That Do Not Free Fall (大力打开/关闭门测试(不靠重力关闭/打开) (50 times)
17.14 Door Latch Test  门插销测试 (20000 cycles)
18 Durability Test for Desks and Tables with Casters 带脚轮的桌子疲劳测试(推行距离为30英寸, 负载85lbs; 桌子45kg:不平面2500 cycles; >45kg的桌子,不平面100 cycles及平面1000 cycles)
19 Pull Force Test 抽屉拉力测试
Sample size 送样规格:
2 sets of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable) is recommended.
全套样品2 套并包括安装说明书(如适用).
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 Regular service 14 working days
Others 其他信息:
1. one extendible member of each type and size shall be subjected to cycle test. 对每种类型和尺寸的抽屉, 都必需进行疲劳测试.
Sample report   报告样本:

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 Sample for reference 参考图片:
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