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ANSI Z 315.1 American National Standard for Tricyles - Safety Requirements  
美国脚踏三轮车安全要求,  物理部分
4. Performance 性能
4.1 Material 材料
4.1.1 Heavy metals in surface coatings 表面涂层的重金属含量
16 CFR 1303 & CPSIA Sec. 101(f) (All coating)
ASTM F 963 (All coating)
CPSIA Sec. 101(a) (Accessible substrate)
4.1.2 Flammability 阻燃
4.2 Strength and mechanical integrity 强度与机械完整性
4.3 Product limitations 产品限用警示
4.4 Sharp points, sharp edges, protruations, pinch points, and small parts 尖点,锐边,突出物,挤压点,小部件
4.4.6 Folding mechanisms and hinges 折叠系统和铰链
4.5 Stability requirement 稳定性
4.6 Components部件
5.7 Dynamic strength test 动载强度测试
7 Safety and other consumer information 安全性和其他消费者信息

Sample size 送样规格:3 finished products  成品 + 1 manual 说明书

Lead time 测试周期:7-9 working days 工作日

Sample Report 报告样本:
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Photo for reference 参考图片:
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