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Test item 测试名称: 
American National Standard for Plastic Bathtub and Shower Units 塑料浴缸以及淋浴底盘美国标准
Norm refer 涉及标准IAPMO
Test info 测试内容: 
Clause Test Requirement
2 General requirement 一般要求
2.1 Material 材料
2.2 Dimensional tolerances 尺寸
2.3 Units for testing 测试单元
2.4 Installation instruction 安装说明
2.5 Care and maintenance instruction保养维护说明
2.6 Identification 鉴别
2.7 Grab bars 扶手
2.8 Raised flanges and tiling beads. 轮廓
3 Workmanship and finish 表观工艺
4 Structural integrity of complete units (all types) 
4.2 Drain fitting connection 排水部件连接
4.3 Point impact loads 点冲击
4.4 Loads on seat 座椅负载测试
4.5 Loads on rim and bottom of bathtubs, and on threshold and bottom of showers
4.6 Area impact load on wall surrounds 墙面冲击
4.7 Loads on wall surrounds 墙体负载
4.8 Radii load test 倒角负载
4.9 Loads on unsupported bathtub areas 不承重区域负载
5 Physical characteristics of materials (all types) 材料的物理性状
5.1 Colorfastness test 褪色测试
5.2 Stain resistance test 抗污性测试
5.3 Wear and cleanability test 磨耗与清洁能力测试 (转包美国)
5.4 Cigarette test 香烟测试
5.5 Chemical resistance test 抗化学测试
5.6 Ignition test 燃烧测试
5.7 Thermal shock resistance 热冲击测试
6 Additional material tests  附加材料测试
6.1 Hot water resistance test method (type 1,2and3) 
6.2 Laboratory test for non-integral flange-fixture seal (if applicable)
6.3 Resistance to fungl and bacteria growth (type 6) (35 working days)
6.4 Puncture resistance test (type 6)
Sample Size: 2 setWith installation instruction & care and maintenance instruction.
                    3 pieces of specimens with 305 X 305 mm;
                    3 pcs of samples with size 4” X 15”;
                    3 pcs of  6” X 6” pieces of material 
(If clause 6.3 is applied, 4 pieces of 50 X 50 mm specimens shall be needed.)
TAT: 22 working days
(If clause 6.3 is applied, the TAT shall be 37 working days.)

Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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