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Test item 测试名称: Perfoemance an construction standard for kitchen and vanity cabinet 橱柜的推荐性能和建造标准


Test info 测试内容:


Test Requirement


Performance Tests



Clause 5.1

Static loading on shelves and bottoms of cabinets


Clause 5.2

Static loading for wall cabinet


Clause 5.3

Base front joint loading


Clause 5.4

Impact on shelves, cabinet bottoms and drawer bottoms


Clause 5.5

Impact on base cabinet front and door


Clause 6.1

Door racking and hinge set


Clause 6.2

Door door-holding devices and hinge opereation


Clause 7.1

Drawer operation


Clause 7.2

Drawer-closing impact


Additional Tests



Clause 4.0

Hardware requirements


Clause 9.1

Shrinkage and heat resistance


Clause 9.2

Hot and cold check resistance


Clause 9.3

Chemical resistance                               


Clause 9.4

Detergent and water resistance


Clause 9.5

Metal cabinet rust resistance


Sample required: 4 sets of completed products and additional 4 sets of metal hardware.

样品要求 :全套样品4套另加4套五金件

Turnaround time: 18 working days.

所需时间: 18 个工作天.


Sample for reference 参考图片:

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Sample Report 报告样本:
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