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Test item 测试名称: 
American National Standard for Bored and Preassembled Locks & Latches 美标球形锁
Test info 测试内容:
OPERATIONAL TEST (Sample A/B/C) 10 Working days
9.1 Force to retract unloaded bolt
9.2 Force to retract preloaded bolt 
9.3 Minimum projection of bolt when depressed to dead latched position
9.4 Minimum projection of auxiliary dead latch to deadlock latch bolt
9.5 Force to latch door
STRENGTH TEST (Sample D/E/F) 15 Working days
10.1 Locked torque test
10.2 Axial load test
10.3 Vertical load test
10.4 Latch bolt strength
10.5 Latch bolt end pressure
10.6 Unlocked outside lever or knob torque test
10.7 Unlocked entry handleset load test
10.8 Qualification requirements
Grade 1: 800000 cyles     100 working days
Grade 2: 400000 cycles    50 working days
Grade 3: 200000 cycles    30 working days
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 Regular service 100 working days
Sample size 送样规格: 6pcs
(1) 15 件自由抽取的样品和它们的原配钥匙(其中两个锁芯每个要带它们最接近牙花的钥匙两把)
(2) 包装,标签和使用说明等信息。
(3) 制造商提供的牙花编排信息,包括牙花数,弹子孔数,弹子级差数
Others 其他信息:
Sample for reference 参考图片:
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Sample Report 报告样本:
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