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Test item 测试名称:
American National Standard for Auxiliary Locks and Associated Product  美国国家标准和辅助锁
Test info 测试内容:

Testing Items 

9.1 Torque to retract latch or dead bolt by turn
9.2 Force to retract latch or dead bolt
9.3 Force to latch door
9.4 Minimum projection of  latch bolt when depressed to dead latched position
9.5 Minimum projection of auxiliary dead latch to deadlock latch bolt
9.6 Warped door test
9.7 bolt strength test
9.8 Axial load test
9.9 Vertical load test
9.10 cycle tests
10.2 Salt spray test
10.3 Humidity test
10.4 Finish hardness test
10.5 Prespiration test
10.6 Ultra violet light and condensation test 
11.1 Cylinder guard or escutcheon impact test
11.2 Cylinder guard or escutcheon tension test
11.3 Cylinder body or housing tension test
11.4 Cylinder body or housing torque test
11.5 Cylinder guard or escutcheon torque test
11.6 Cylinder face impact test
11.7 Bolt impact test
11.8 dead bolt sawing test
11.9 Bolt pressure test
11.10 Fastener tensile test
12.3 Procedure for performance testing
12.4 Operational test
12.5 Strength test
12.7 Cycle test
Sample size 送样规格:30pcs finished products
Lead time 测试周期:on request


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Sample Report 报告样本:
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