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ANSI A 14.5
American National Standard for Ladders - Portable Reinforced Plastic - Safety Requirements
便携式塑料加强梯 - 安全要求
No. Test Requirement
  except Stepladder Plastic Top Cap Reference Material Tests and fiberglass material test
Ladder using as one mode
Ladder using as two modes
Ladder using as more than two modes
  Labeling Test
Sample Size: 2 sets with Instruction & Marking (when applicable)
Turnaround Time: 10 working days gernal ladders, 15 days for multipurpose ladders
Sample Size for Labeling Test: 4 sets of label
Turnaround Time: 15 working days
Sample Size for Top Cap Test: 20 sets + 6kg original material
Turnaround Time: 50 days

Sample Report 报告样本:
Responsive imageResponsive imageResponsive image
Sample for reference 参考图片:

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