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Test or certification item 测试或认证名称: 2011/10/EC

Introduction 简介:
(EU) No.10/2011
New EU regulation on plastic and articles that come into contact with food was published by European Commission. The new regulation repeals several existing directive, including 2002/72/EC, 80/766/EC and 81/432/EC.
欧盟委员会于2011年1月公布了与食品接触塑料和塑料制品的新条例.新条例废除了若干现有条例, 包括 2002/72/EC, 80/766/EC and 81/432/EC.
Effective date 生效日期: 2011.05.01
Key changes 重点和变化:
1. Limitations on the migration limits of heavy metals in plastic food contact are newly specified in annex II
2. new list of similants
list of food slmulants Abbravlation 
Ethanol 10% ( 乙醇 food simulant A
Acetic acid 3% ( 醋酸 food simulant B
Ethanol 20% ( 乙醇 food simulant C
Ethanol 50% ( 乙醇 food simulant D
Vegetable oil ( 橄榄油 food simulant E
3. Migration of substance from dry foods is now subject to specific migration tests performed with food simulant E to annex III
Lead time 测试周期: 常规 regular service 9 working days
Sample size 送样规格: 7-8pcs finished products
Others 其他信息:  
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