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16 CFR Part 1220 Requirements for Non-Full-size Baby Cribs 非标准尺寸婴儿床安全测试 -不适用于网布床
Sample required: min. 1 set of completed products with assembly instruction (if applicable) is recommended. 1 more set required for toxicity/flammability test. 
样品要求至少全套样品1套并包括安装说明书(如适用). 如需做有毒元素/燃烧测试需要加送一套样品.
Turnaround time: normal (7 working days). If toys need to be tested, TAT will be 7-9 working days.
所需时间标准(7个工作天). 如须进行玩具测试,TAT7-9
1. If there have toy accessories with the unit, the testing prices for them should be figured in. Because the prices lies on toys' typesmaterial and so onthey will be determined by Technical Team. 如产品携带玩具配件的话,则需将其价格考虑进去。由于测试价格取决于玩具类型及物料等,需由技术组确定。
3. 非标准尺寸婴儿床的定义non-full-size crib crib that (1) is intended for use in or around the home, for travel and other purposes; and (2)has an interior length dimension either greater than 55 in.(139.7 cm) or smaller than 49 3⁄4 in. (126.3 cm), or greater than 30 5⁄8 in. (77.7 cm) or smaller than 25 3⁄8 in. (64.3 cm), or both.
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Sample report 样本报告:
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